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Bishop Sheen's Family

Sheen's father, mother and brothers
taken from "Treasure in Clay", Sheen's autobiography

Thomas Sheen -- Brother of Bishop Sheen
Thomas Sheen (brother of Fulton Sheen) and his family

Birthplace of Peter John Sheen (later Bishop Fulton Sheen)
Fulton John Sheen was born in the second floor apartment at 25 West Front Street in El Paso, Illinois on May 8, 1895, the son of Newton Morris and Delia (Fulton) Sheen. The parents were then living in the rooms above their hardware store; the ground floor is still a hardware store today owned by Burton Baity. The Reverend Jeremiah H. Quinlan was pastor at St. Mary's Church when the baby boy was christened Peter John, on May 12, and usually thereafter was called P. J. He was a frail boy, who preferred reading books to indulging in the usual physical games of children. Newton Sheen sold his hardware store to a Mr. Guillemont and the family moved to Peoria, where the future Bishop began his education, graduating from Spaulding and continuing as a student at St. Viator College at Bourbonnais, Illinois.
From the El Paso History Site

Merle Fulton at the Memorial Stone in El Paso
Merle Fulton, cousin of Fulton Sheen at the birthplace memorial stone in El Paso



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